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Contact Lens

Contact Lenses from our Boise Optometrist

Woman putting on contactsContact lenses can make an eminently sensible alternative to eyeglasses -- but only if they're fitted properly and selected to suit your individual needs. That's why you'll want to make sure you get your contacts at Fackrell Eye Care. Our eye doctor in Boise ID, Dr. Fackrell, can help you decide what type of contacts you should purchase from among our extensive range of options.

Why Choose Contact Lenses?

You might assume that contact lenses are the vision correction method of choice for individuals who simply don't like how they look in eyeglasses, or who don't want to advertise the fact that their vision is imperfect. But while this is true as far as it goes, there are other, equally compelling reasons to use contact lenses to correct your nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia or astigmatism.

For one thing, contacts aren't nearly as vulnerable to damage as eyeglasses if you work a physical job or play contact sports. Contacts also place no pressure on the ears or nose, a sensation some find uncomfortable. Some contacts can even be worn while you sleep, giving you clear vision instead of requiring you to grope around for your glasses if you need to get up during the night.

Your Contact Lens Exam and Fitting

Because they sit directly on the front surfaces of the eyes, contact lenses require an extra degree of care in the fitting process compared to eyeglasses. Our optometrist will administer a contact lens exam that includes precise measurement of your irises, corneas, and pupils. We will also evaluate how your eye and vision issues might affect your choice of contacts.

For instance, if you have dry eye, giant papillary conjunctivitis, severe astigmatism, keratoconus, or presbyopia, you may require specialized contacts instead of standard soft lenses. Your eyes and lifestyle may also dictate whether you need disposal, single-use, or extended-wear lenses.

Many Different Contacts to Choose From

Once we know what kind of contact lenses are ideal for you, rest assured that you can get those contacts right here at Fackrell Eye Care. In addition to soft contacts, we offer rigid gas permeable contacts for stronger prescriptions or hard-to-fit conditions. You can get multifocal contacts for presbyopia, scleral lenses for keratoconus, moisture-retaining contacts for dry eye, toric contacts for astigmatism and more. We will be happy to perform additional fittings as needed to make sure your contacts are as comfortable and effective as possible.

Call Our Optometrist Today

Your path toward high-quality contact lenses starts with a high-quality contact lens exam at Fackrell Eye Care. Call (208) 658-1068 today to schedule your exam with our optometrist in Boise!

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